Our greatest enemy

The interplay between nature and finance

The Narrative converges with nature

Remembering climate change adaptation

Blue Pathways

Europe’s plan for carbon border adjustment

Towards a measurement of the trade-biodiversity nexus

Reconciling sovereign debt and natural capital in low-income countries 

Green and values-based Connectivity between Europe and Asia

Safeguarding critical infrastructure – a condition of EU strategic autonomy

Railway’s essential digitalisation

Neighbourhood instability – a call for majority voting in EU foreign policy

Covid-19 as the stimulus for geopolitical divergence

Four FoodTech Champions

Is sustainability the right path for cultured meat?

Surveillance or Sustainability – Facial recognition and waste treatment in China

Lake Turkana wind farm – Kenya on a green road towards 2022

Aviation’s growing carbon footprint – why Europe will push for a kerosene tax

Combatting illegal fishing in West Africa – the potential of blockchain

Ends don’t justify the means – Backlash of cobalt mining in the DRC

Condor Cliff and La Barrancosa – the dangerous dams of Patagonia

Lake Chad – less water, more insecurity

Circular economy models to solve the Peruvian water crisis

BRIC Breaker – Failing to satisfy international commitments in the Amazon

Land of White Gold – A look inside Latin America’s lithium triangle

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